Individual plates, special plates, stem-forms and punch standard components - OKSET GmbH - because quality is our brand!

The OKSET GmbH is specialized in the precise individual production of high-quality mold bases, standard mold bases, special plates and original forms. We aim to deliver perfect work at attractive terms, on schedule, all the while making our experience and expertise available to you and our customers at any given time. Due to our many years of experience in machining precision individual items, we are able to fabricate highly accurate mold bases. We offer precision-engineered individual plates, special plates, stem-forms and punch standard components.

Company Profile

With more than 10 years experience in the tooling trade, we are a competent partner for the fabrication of injection-molded tools of any kind. OKSET GmbH is a modern, innovative and ambitious company that stands for high quality mold bases and punch standard components.

OKEST employs more than 100 employees, achieving an annual turnover of about EUR 10 million.

German manufacturers supply 90% of our machinery.

The production machines are operating in a climate-controlled environment. As OKSET produces in accordance with Western European standards, we can provide you, if requested, with a measurement protocol from a German 3D measuring machine. The entire production is, from order entry to shipping, electronically monitored.

On 15.09.2009 the OKSET GmbH was founded in Germany to provide a direct and localized point of contact, whilst simultaneously enhancing the quality of service.
Although mainly active in Germany and Switzerland, OKSET GmbH also exports to Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Poland, Sweden and Italy. The graphic below provides an overview of our activities:

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Okset stem-forms

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Okset punch standard components

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Okset special plates

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Okset individual plates

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Okset individual stem-forms

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Okset custom-made plates

Information on mold bases, punch standard components and plates

What is a form setup or mold assemblies?

A mold assembly is an assembly of steel plates, compromising the cores and cavities of the actual mold. Mold assemblies are used for the production of plastic or synthetic parts for everyday objects, such as Pens, mobiles, automotive equipment, etc. The mold assembly consists of 3 parts: a nozzle side, a separating plane and an ejection side.

What are standard mold bases or standard punch components?

Standard mold bases are standardized construction and machine elements that occur in various designs and sizes. Standard mold bases or punch components are used in tool production, tooling and machine building.

The company OKSET GmbH is your partner in the areas of:

Punch standard components | mold building | mold assemblies | Deep Hole Drilling | CNC Milling | Surface Grinding | Tooling | plates/panels

The strengths of OKSET:

Modern machinery, high quality, innovative company, delivery performance, premium products

Our product range includes all panels and form fabrications for injection molding and die cast molds:

Undrilled plates, undrilled mold bases, drilled plates, drilled mold bases, bored mold bases, special shapes, aluminum plates, custom mold plates, individual mold building


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